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Interface Customer





Optional child

child: Graph


curie: "fx:customer"


links: { fx:attributes: Attributes; fx:customer_addresses: CustomerAddresses; fx:default_billing_address: DefaultBillingAddress; fx:default_payment_method: DefaultPaymentMethod; fx:default_shipping_address: DefaultShippingAddress; fx:sub_modification_url: SubModificationUrl; fx:sub_token_url: SubTokenUrl; fx:subscriptions: Subscriptions; fx:transactions: Transactions; self: Customer }

Type declaration

  • fx:attributes: Attributes

    Attributes for this customer.

  • fx:customer_addresses: CustomerAddresses

    List of customer's addresses.

  • fx:default_billing_address: DefaultBillingAddress

    Customer's default billing address.

  • fx:default_payment_method: DefaultPaymentMethod

    Customer's default payment method.

  • fx:default_shipping_address: DefaultShippingAddress

    Customer's default shipping address.

  • fx:sub_modification_url: SubModificationUrl

    Navigate to this URL to make changes to this subscription.

  • fx:sub_token_url: SubTokenUrl

    Navigate to this URL to open a cart with subscription details.

  • fx:subscriptions: Subscriptions

    List of customer's subscriptions.

  • fx:transactions: Transactions

    List of customer's transactions.

  • self: Customer

    This resource.


props: { date_created: string; date_modified: string; email: string; first_name: string; id: number; last_login_date: string; last_name: string; tax_id: string }

Type declaration

  • date_created: string

    The date this resource was created.

  • date_modified: string

    The date this resource was last modified.

  • email: string

    The customer's email address. This is used as the login to the FoxyCart checkout for this customer.

  • first_name: string

    The customer's given name.

  • id: number

    The FoxyCart customer id, useful for Single Sign On integrations.

  • last_login_date: string

    The date of the last time this customer authenticated with the FoxyCart checkout.

  • last_name: string

    The customer's surname.

  • tax_id: string

    A tax identification number for this customer.


zooms: { attributes: Attributes; default_billing_address?: DefaultBillingAddress; default_payment_method?: DefaultPaymentMethod; default_shipping_address?: DefaultShippingAddress }

Type declaration

  • attributes: Attributes
  • Optional default_billing_address?: DefaultBillingAddress
  • Optional default_payment_method?: DefaultPaymentMethod
  • Optional default_shipping_address?: DefaultShippingAddress

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